Behind the Scenes of the Supply Chain Process: Integrity & Due Diligence

Posted by Marko Paul on

    In order for there to be a harmonious process throughout the various interlinked networks within the operations involved in this industry, a properly functioning and well managed supply chain must be implemented and balanced.  It can be a difficult process to be able to pin point every function and aspect involved throughout the supply chain; nonetheless, with the proper discipline, action, and communication we can accomplish all obstacles.    

    Within the import industry, there are many different areas and processes that are involved in order to ultimately bring to the end consumer the final product.  For our case in particular, at Tocayo Imports, the flow of goods and services begin with the acquisition, movement, and storage of raw materials.  A unique infrastructure is created that synchronizes the supply with the demand and works to properly connect it with global logistics.  Communication is the key to having operations flow smoothly.  All forms of relations or relationships, whether personal or business, function properly and smoothly with well-balanced communication.  

    Raw materials are cultivated and gathered, then sent to a fabrication process.  Our products are 100% handmade by the best manufacturers in the industry, and thoroughly inspected throughout the process.  After fabrication and inspection, the products are brought through the logistics process, which ultimately brings them to you, the end consumer for consumption or purchase.  

    For us, the most important thing is that all hard work gets the recognition and due diligent compensation that it deserves on all sides of the spectrum.  The work and products that are brought to you from our behalf are those that we consider to be works of art, hence the term artisan products.  As carpenters, artists, and hard working people, we want to make sure that the artist that is responsible for the creation of such work is paid fairly and given integrity.  There are many respected individuals involved in these processes, and we pride ourselves in knowing that with every order that is manifested and purchased, we are creating more work for people all around the world from all different walks of life.  With perseverance, inspiration, motivation, and faith we are able to provide opportunities for hard working people on all ends of the supply chain.     



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