Equipales - Rustic Mexican Furniture , Southwest Style , Hard to Find , now in San Diego, CA

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Equipales! This word may be unfamiliar to most people.  Nonetheless, it is a type of Mexican rustic furniture that is 100% handmade.  This type of furniture can be associ-ated with various themes.  Whether vacationing on a deserted beach under a palapa enjoying the coastal warmth, attending a Hacienda style dinner, or simply relaxing porch-side with a Southwest theme.  This type of rustic Mexican furniture can indeed be hard to find, as it's authenticity is directly from central Mexico.  The term Equipales is derived from the ancient Nahuatl indigenous language word "Ikpalli", which means chair.  The technique involved in making Equipales comes from the pre-Hispanic era, and fortunately has been preserved to allow for us to enjoy its carpentry to present date.

Tocayo Imports carries all types of Equipales - Mexican rustic furniture.  We also do custom work and can modify anything to fit your needs.  

Visit us on the web at: www.tocayoimports.com , or call 619-512-2260 to make an appointment.

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