San Diego, America's Finest City

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"The sun is shining, and the weather is sweet..."  The sweet words from Bob Marley couldn't be said at a better time here in America's Finest City, sunny San Diego, California.  The perfect place to be active, go out and get some sunshine, take a hike across the gorgeous mountains, enjoy a walk on the beach, and simply appreciate the simpler and finer things in life.  

Now San Diego is also the best place to get the highest quality, authentic, and rustic Equipales furniture imported direct from Mexico.  Only here at Tocayo Imports is where you'll find these Equipales that are 100% organic, handcrafted, fully cushioned, made with genuine leather, and reinforced to guarantee maximum durability.  You won't find anything with this type of top tier quality and value anywhere else.  With the opening promotions that we have going on right now, our Mexican furniture is selling at rock bottom prices.



Also available now at Tocayo Imports are authentic Talavera ceramic artisan products such as fine dishware and crockery, interior decor for flooring or bathrooms, vases and pottery, and decorative artisan ceramic figures.  Our designs are unique, authentic, 100% handcrafted, and able to be custom made with specific designs, name additions and specifications, images, and more.  

For more information visit our website at or come to our warehouse in South San Diego for even better savings of up to 50% off.


Remember that it is better to give than to receive.  Cherish the simple joys in life.  Get out with the one you love and enjoy a beautiful weekend wherever you may be.



2424 Hoover Ave, Suite L

National City, CA 91950




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