Tocayo Imports, Equipales-Rustic Mexican Patio Furniture, Talavera Ceramic Dishware, Decor, and Decorative Figures Now Available in San Diego

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Tocayo Imports is proud to announce that in addition to our wide range of Equipales-rustic Mexican patio furniture, we now also carry a wider range of Talavera Ceramic dishware, decor, and decorative figures including figurines and pottery.  Both the Talavera ceramics and the Equipales rustic patio furniture can be custom made or personalized to say or contain whatever you desire.  Some like the traditional style, however, we're also able to customized to fit your needs.  

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Our company is family owned and operated, and we've been working in this industry for years.  That is why we bring to you the highest, superior quality products for a fraction of the price that you might see elsewhere.  There is no middle man, and the product gets to you from the first hand fresh after it leaves the shop.  Plus, all of our products are handmade (handcrafted), and imported from the heart of Mexico, and made with all natural resources.   

Call: 619-512-2260 to make an appointment 

Talavera ceramic products that we carry include dishware, fine china, kitchenware, and serving trays.



Bathroom decor sets

and Talavera ceramic decorative figures, signs, and more.


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Call: 619-512-2260 to make an 

Tocayo Imports, where you can find Talavera ceramics, fine china, dishware, kitchenware, signs, decorative figures, equipales rustic Mexican furniture and more.

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